Daily NAV

As of Aug 17
Patriot Balanced
ATBAX 13.51 -0.16
ATBTX 13.10 -0.16
ATBIX 13.56 -0.16
Ascendant Deep Value Convertibles
AEQAX 11.81 +0.01
AEQCX 11.62 +0.01
AEQIX 11.82 +0.01
Patriot Funds
TRFAX 16.44 -0.27
TRFCX 15.78 -0.25
TRFTX 16.70 -0.27
Ascendant Tactical Yield Fund
ATYAX 10.39 +0.00
ATYIX 10.43 +0.00

Founded in 1970, Ascendant Advisors, LLC ("Ascendant") is one of the oldest independent SEC-registered investment advisers in Texas, providing active portfolio management to high net worth families and institutions.  Our investment effort is led by a four-member Investment Committee, whose members average over 25 years of first-hand investment experience. The firm offers its clients decades of proprietary investment research, a disciplined and proven quantitative process, a client-aligned structure, and finally a low and transparent overall cost structure.


January 15, 2013
Portfolio Manager quoted in Barrons

September 12, 2012
MarketWatch Article Interviews Investment Team Member

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"Long term market issues have not gone away. Systemic risk has not abated, it has just been transferred from the private sector to the public sector. The cyclical upswing is being driven by the most aggressive fiscal and monetary policies the world has ever seen - proceed with caution."

—J. Philip Ferguson, Non-Executive Chair, Investment Committee Ascendant Advisors, LLC